Although the rate of change in the US healthcare industry creates many challenges for medical professionals, Maine is still a great place to practice medicine. Licensing is relatively quick and the malpractice environment is still favorable. For those needing visas, there are many locations able to sponsor well-qualified candidates. Healthcare quality is high, technology up-to-date, and community support is second-to-none. Many physicains and advanced practitioners are able to participate in healthcare research and teaching.

But maybe most remarkable of all, is that Maine is a place where clinicians can truly make a difference. The healthcare community is collaborative so medical practitioners are not alone in the effort to change the lives of patients for the better. At the same time, the population is small enough to identify trends quickly and see evidence of change. Maine hospitals are very mission-driven, and take their role in their communities very seriously. Likewise, community members take their hospitals very seriously and are generous with their time and financial support. Everyone has a stake in ensuring that Maine’s healthcare system stays strong and is positioned to succeed in the future. Maine is a place where healthcare providers can bend the curve. It’s happening now, and you can be a part of it.

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