Maine is a large state, geographically, but has a strong sense of community which keeps it from feeling too big. Many find that neighbors respect each other’s privacy yet, when the chips are down, Mainers are quick to lend a helping hand and extend extraordinary generosity. Maine's small cities have many cultural ammenities associated with major metropolitan areas, but with less traffic and lower crime rates. For many, the Maine lifestyle seems to strike a perfect balance between down-to earth and sophisticated.

The current population is near 1.3 million and slowly growing. Some residents were born in the state and have lived in Maine their entire lives. Others were raised in Maine, left for a few (or many) years and happily returned to raise their own families or build a business. And others still, have origins around the country and the world. As of 2012, students in Maine schools spoke 95 different languages in their homes!

Even in the largest cities residents enjoy good schools, accessible public services, and relatively affordable housing.  With more moderate weather than found in many parts of the US, four season outdoor recreation is available throughout the state. Ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, and more, provide easy access to adventure sports and other activities. You will also find excellent art galleries, music and theater venues, dining, shopping, nationally ranked professional and college sports teams, and world class universities and colleges. There is something for everyone!

So, no matter where you have lived in the past, let us know what matters to you, and chances are we can find a place for you to feel at home in Maine!