When people think of winter in New England, they often envision the iconic white Christmas with lots of snow and children ice skating on ponds. That vision fills many with happy memories, and others with dread at the thought of shoveling the front steps. So it might be surprising to know that in mid-December 2015, it was raining over much of the state of Maine.

Longtime residents are happy to tell stories of winters past when snowbanks reached the roof, or the year a storm dropped three feet of snow on October 31st and another one left two feet the following April 1st. And they are telling the truth! In fact, snowfall has been recorded somewhere in the state in all 12 months of the year, at some point in time since weather statistics were gathered. However, that does not mean it snows regularly each July. And although winter 2014-2015 brought record snowfall to some parts of the state, as it did in many parts of the country, it is also true that there has been many a Christmas without snow. There have even been a few years when the snowplow drivers barely took their trucks out of the garage. Those years just don’t make for very exciting stories.

So whether you are looking forward to winter or are feeling a little apprehensive, it is important to remember that Maine is a large state and there can be significant differences in weather between one location and another. There can be rain on the coast and snow at the mountain ski resorts. Also, keep in mind that there is an army of professionals at the ready to help with snow removal, keep cars on the road, and otherwise help smooth the way. Life does not come to a screeching halt for two inches of snow as it does in other places. And there is a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy throughout the colder months and the rest of the year.

Can't Get Enough Snow? Try:

  • Skiing, Alpine

  • Skiing, Cross Country

  • Skiing, Back Country

  • Snowshoeing

  • Snowboarding

  • Dog Sledding

  • Ice Fishing

  • The World Toboggan Championships

  • Sledding

  • Snow Forts, Snowmen, and Snow Angels

  • Ice Skating

  • Ice Hockey

  • Ice Climbing

  • Ice Sculpture

  • Snow Cross

  • Snowmobiling

  • Biathalon World Cup Events


Not So Sure? You can still enjoy:

  • Theater

  • Cinema

  • Concerts

  • Art Centers

  • Dance Studios

  • Basketball

  • Gyms

  • Indoor Climbing Walls

  • Indoor Tennis

  • Indoor Pools

  • Libraries

  • Roller Derby

  • Museums

  • Restaurants